Dear Oie: The time to say good-bye has come. The years have gone so fast. I still remenber, when I was nine years old and the Oie knocked at my mother and said to my parents: "Everyone can learn" and my parents ,with trust, signed me up for the english course. My first class was so funny because the teacher spoke only in English and I only knew the words, hello how are you?, the alphabet and the numbers. I also remenber Antonio, the security guard, who called me michimi instead of Vanina. And 'til this day he calls me michimi. I have learned what sacrifice means. Thanks for your patience and concern, for calling me when I didn't come to my classes to know what happened. I've met excellent teachers and people. It has been a good experience. Yours truly

Vanina Silvero

Dear Oie: I am Sen Mi Giménez Lee, and now I am 21 years old. I remember that I started studying at the Oie in 2007. I came here because a friend of school recommended me that the Oie was a good institute. From 2007 until 2009 I studied here but then I decided to go to Korea and did not have the opportunity to finish. I came back in 2012 and decided to come to the Oie again and finish my English course. I want to thank all the teachers, specially teacher Ligia who always taught us with a smile on her face and never talk to us in a mean way. Also teacher Paola, who helped me in make up classes. Finally I want to thank to all the people who work here, for always calling me when I was absent. You are a very responsible institute. Respecfully yours.

Sen Mi Giménez Lee

Dear Oie: I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the lessons you have taught us. Since the first time I arrived at the OIE everyone has been really nice. I remenber my first teacher, Aldo, he was really funny. He always found a way to make us, learn English through games, movies....Mondays with him were not boring. My second teacher was Andrea, she was full of joy and good humor. She used to make us laugh with anecdotes...We learned from each other. My third teacher, Ligia, always had a smile on her face. She was charming and patient with all of us. She treated us like her sons and daughters. Finally, my last teacher, Paola, I have learned so much from her, she was strict and funny at the same time. She always made us speak in English and if we didn't she reproached us. She also cared about our way of thinking, for the purpose of sharing and knowing each other. I also want to thank Juan for greeting us every morning. I really appreciate the way in which the OIE has gotten involved in my life, making new friends, learning English and having an excellent experience. I hope in a near future I can use the English you have taught me. I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done and wish you all the best.

Jessica Park

     Dear OIE:

           For the past 20 minutes I've been thinking of a creative way to start this, but I realized that I'll never find the exact words to start saying good bye. As you may see, I'm not sure about anything right now regardless the future, but don't blame me, I'm still young, or at least that's the excuse I've been telling myself since people started asking  "What do you want to be when you grow up?" but coming back to the main topic, it seems that I'm just trying to avoid saying good bye, the thing is that having to face that "OIE time is over" it's letting me know that I'm growing up and it's happening faster than I would like.

         I still remenber that at the age of 9 I was crazy about starting, and so I was happy when I finally did. I thought that by the time I had finished all the courses I woud be " a big girl", but surprise, I'm not. I remenber that when I was 12 I thought I couldn't take it anymore and I wanted to quit; However, I didn't, and it's one of things I'll never, not in a million years, regret.

       Oie was and will always be a part of my childhood, so it's hard to imagine my life without coming here twice a week. You gave a really big hand for my future and also the power to understand English better than I ever thought I could. I get understand almost every part of the lyrics of any song, and as a teenager what else can you ask for? You also gave me incredible friends, the best afternoons of my adolescence, and you made me feel, in some way, at home.  The only words that come to my mind are THANK YOU for everything.  I realize that this isn't a good bye because I'll have you with me everyday and evry time someone asks " do you speak English? " I'll proudly say "YES, I DO" and you should know I'll be thinking of you.

                                                                       One time more, thank you.

Sol Segovia

Dear OIE:

         Everything that happened in these 3 years I treasure in my heart. I really enjoyed the hours of classes that I shared with people who through the time bacame very important to me.

        Laughter, plays, games, sketches, special assigments, jokes, bloopers, all those moments will be kept in my heart for ever.

      I can't say goodbye without saying thanks to the OIE, not only for giving me the opportunity to improve my English but algo for the friends I made.

      See you soon,

                                                            lots of love.

Lorena Chaves

I have been studying english at the OIE since I was ten years old. I still remember my first day here, it was amazing. The teacher, I think his name was Diego, was very funny. I had other teachers, but I am finishing this course with teacher Andrea, the best teacher ever.

During these long five years, I learnt many things such as speaking, writing and improving my vocabulary, I also met many people. I want to thank all the teachers for their knowledge, love and hapiness. One of my short-term goal was to finish my English course, and I've done it, I'm so proud of myself.

I also thank god for giving the opportunity to study, my parents and all the people that work at the OIE. Through the spactacular teaching you have given me, I hope to become a professional in the language. I don't have words to thank you., I wish you the best.

Juliana Ojeda

Dear Oie: I can't believe I'm about to finish the English course, I still remenber my first day like it was yesterday; all the presentations, the first teacher, the first classroom. I have to admit that there were sometimes that I just wanted to throw in the towel. I was force to leave the course because of an injury and school but after some time, I came back to finish what I had started. I must say that taking up this course was one of the best choices I have ever made, because thanks to all of the knowledge that you have given me, and all that I'm going to keep learning, I can explore the world since English is practically the most spoken language worldwide. This letter doesn't mean a farewell, it's just a see you later because we don't know how the future is going to be. At the end, I can only say Thanks, for all the patience, all the learned lessons, and above all, all the help that you gave me. So, see you later.

Khevin Roig

My dear Oie: How can I start? You can't imagine how thankful I am for having been a part of this institute for the last four years. I remenber my first day like it was yesterday. The first time I came, was a Saturday afternoon. I had to take a placement test, and the place was actually closed because you were having a renovation. Paola, Fabricio and Ms. Mónica were there working. It was really funny because in spite of the disaster and dust, I went upstairs and took the test in the hallway. My first class, was on february 9th, and I can tell as an anecdote, that my first week there, I was already taking exams because I was integrating two groups that have their own schedule moving on. My first teacher was Yamil, and then Tirsa. In teacher Tirsa's group I met my best friend Gabriela Paredes and also some amazing people who became important in my life. Eventhough today I did not finish Summit 2 with my group, it doesn't matter, because I have learned many things like English as a foreign language and the meaning of true friendship. I will not forget how much we have complained each year because you made us come to workshops on winter vacation and force us to do those special works like making advertisement, sketch, documentaru and San Valentine's day videos, or when you asked us to bring a costume for Halloween's daybecause those are memories that at the beginning made us complain but at the end, cause us fun. I can tell now that actually I will miss those worshops. In this four years, I had had 9 teachers and each of them in some way, have always find a way to cheer me up, and the loyalty that they have provided to me does not have comparaison. Thank you Oie! You became a scarf that has a special place in my heart! Thanks for everything.

Johanna Chiang

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